Amigos for Children Foundation

Amigos for Children Foundation has been operating for 6 years helping children suffering from chronic diseases. During the trying times spent in the hospitals, kids tend to fall behind their school responsibilities and drift apart from their peers, both contributing to a lack of motivation. We encourage and motivate them on the road of recovery by teaching foreign languages in a playful manner.

We believe that young adults attending university are the ones who can fill the gap of what unprivileged children lack: time to be fully attentive, customize learning to their speed and need, speak the language of kids as buddys and as role models. We aim to set goals together which motivate them from one step to the other, exactly how recovery works.

Friendship is capable of wonders and playful learning is a wonderful tool as a connecting bridge and motivation! Now we operate online and ask you to join us on our journey to turn even digital homework into a fun activity!