Sára Forgács-Fábián

CEO, founder - Amigos for Children Foundation

I'm the founder of the Amigos for Children Foundation, a social startupper. I founded and developed the organization initially of 10 members, to a nationally operating charity working with more than 150 volunteers.

Lisa Rozmanicz | Mentor

Happiness Team - Amigos for Children Foundation

I am a huge enthusiast of gamified education, so this hackathon couldn't excite me more, where Amigos' personal experience with kids can fuse with your tech -angled vision! Can't wait to dive into your ideas and create a fun, useful & unique experience for the kids! : )

Márton Pinczel | Mentor

Project Manager - Morgan Stanley

I've joined to Morgan Stanley more, than 6 years ago. During these years I've been more and more involved in charity activities, however, this is the first time I can participate in a Hackathon, and I'm thrilled because of this new challenge. As a father of a small child, I personally feel touched by the purpose of Amigos mission and I'm sure together with the competing teams we'll achieve something extraordinary.

Tamás Hangodi | Mentor

Windows Server Operations - Morgan Stanley

I'm part of the team who helps Amigos to streamline there background workflows in a unified system.

Dénes Dániel | Mentor

Software Development Engineer - Morgan Stanley

I'm one of the developers who will be integrating the hackathon's winning ideas and solutions into the final product that Morgan Stanley is delivering to Amigos this year. I can't wait to see which team presents the best combination of a fun exercise for the kids, powered by solid, maintainable code under the hood!

Kait Szydlowski

Global Tech for Good, Program Manager - Morgan Stanley

A Vice President at Morgan Stanley, Kait Szydlowski leads Morgan Stanley’s Global Technology Philanthropy, a global program creating opportunities for employees to Give Back using their technical expertise. In addition to Code to Give, programs include Technology Change Makers, a global program that embeds teams of Morgan Stanley Technologists are embedded in local non-profits to address a technical need, and Morgan Stanley Makerspace, a workshop-based program that teaches kids and teens living in shelters how to code using robotics and games. As a former private sector strategy consultant, a founder of a Beijing for-profit social enterprise bringing medical devices to China for children with disabilities, and a U.S. Department of State Fulbright Research Fellow to China, Kait is passionate about bringing technical expertise to the organizations and communities that need it the most. Kait graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2009, where she served as a Trustee from 2015-2019.

Marsha Nichols

Global Tech for Good Program Coordinator - Morgan Stanley

As the newest member of the Global Tech Philanthropy team, I am excited to see the innovative ideas that will be produced from our first Code to Give hackathon in Budapest.

Judit Váradi

Technology Communcations and People Program Lead - Morgan Stanley

I'm the Budapest program manager for our first Code to Give hackathon at Morgan Stanley. I'm really looking forward to seeing lots of creative solutions, which will support Amigos, our selected non-profit partner.

Sándor Pigai | Mentor

Software Developer - Morgan Stanley

I am coordinating the development of Amigos Organizer which is going to be used by Amigos for Children Foundation to manage their communication with the voluntaries and the children. The hackathon's winning solution is planned to be integrated into this application.

Anikó Lévay | Mentor

Software Developer - Morgan Stanley

I'm a C++ developer and I've been hiding behind my desk most of the time. I've recently joined the Code To Give development team for Amigos and I'm excited about this new challenge. Can't wait to see your new creative ideas helping Amigos to engage children in learning while having fun!