Tünde Bíró

Technology Communications and People Program Coordinator - Morgan Stanley

I'm the Budapest program manager for our Code to Give hackathon at Morgan Stanley. I'm really looking forward to seeing lots of creative solutions, which will support Salva Vita, our selected non-profit partner. As the hackathon is happening in a hybrid format, I hope to meet and get to know many of you in person at our opening and closing events.

Adam West

Global Tech for Good Program Coordinator - Morgan Stanley

Hi I’m Adam! I’m based in Montreal and work closely with Morgan Stanley’s nonprofit partners around the world for our Global Tech Philanthropy program. As a Python developer myself, I have a special love for the incredible solutions and concepts that are born from our Code to Give hackathon. Thank you for embracing Morgan Stanley’s Core Value of Giving Back to our communities. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Morgan Stanley’s pro bono programs, or if you just want to chat about making the world a better place.

Kait Szydlowski

Vice President, Global Tech for Good - Morgan Stanley

As the Vice President at Morgan Stanley, I lead Morgan Stanley’s Global Technology Philanthropy, a global program creating opportunities for employees to Give Back using their technical expertise. In addition to Code to Give, programs include Technology Change Makers, a global program that embeds teams of Morgan Stanley Technologists are embedded in local non-profits to address a technical need, and Morgan Stanley Makerspace, a workshop-based program that teaches kids and teens living in shelters how to code using robotics and games. As a former private sector strategy consultant, a founder of a Beijing for-profit social enterprise bringing medical devices to China for children with disabilities, and a U.S. Department of State Fulbright Research Fellow to China, I am passionate about bringing technical expertise to the organizations and communities that need it the most. I graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2009, where I served as a Trustee from 2015-2019.

Marsha Nichols

Global Tech for Good Program Coordinator - Morgan Stanley

I am excited to see the innovative ideas that will be produced from our 2022 Code to Give Hackathon participants in Budapest. As a non-technical member on the team, I am passionate about all forms of giving back, especially this unique opportunity to bring real impact to the Salva Vita community. Thank you for taking the time to answer the call.

Anikó Lévay, Mentor

Software Developer - Morgan Stanley

I'm a C++ developer and I've been hiding behind my desk most of the time. I was also a member of the Code To Give development team last year, and I'm excited about this year new challenge as well. Can't wait to see your new creative ideas helping Salva Vita Foundation.

Katalin Vég

CEO - Salva Vita

I took a sharp bend from my foreign affairs studies back in the 80s at the Corvinus University to become the CEO of the Salva Vita Foundation in 2006. In my personal story a German girl named Katherina played a particular role. She was the first disabled person I have ever met in my life while being a volunteer in Germany during my university years. She changed my life for good, for she is the reason I committed myself to support disabled people and started to work in the NGO sector and found my personal mission in life. Well, I can’t wait to listen to your pitches and find out your exciting ways of helping our work! Good luck to all teams!

Katalin Kappel

Work and organizational psychologist, trainer - Salva Vita

I am a work and organizational psychologist dealing with the workplace integration issues of people with disabilities since 2012, currently working as a consultant for Salva Vita Foundation. I have extensive experience in the areas of recruitment & selection, assessment, training and counselling - supporting both employees with disabilities and their future employers. Being hugely enthusiatic about the digital solutions possibly used during the assessment process we have, I can´t wait to see your ideas and project plans at this year´s Code to Give Hackathon.