Terms and Conditions

Morgan Stanley Code to Give Hackathon Terms and Conditions

The expressions used in these Terms and Conditions shall have the following meaning:

NGO” means a charity or not-for-profit organisation selected by Morgan Stanley.

Confidential Information” means any and all information which is of a confidential nature and is disclosed in connection with the Hackathon including trade secrets, know-how, financial, commercial, technical, marketing information and other information, whether disclosed orally or in writing, in any form or medium, together with any copies or reproductions of such information in any form or medium or any part(s) thereof, regardless of whether such information has been marked as “confidential”.

Derived Works” means any code, work, materials, information, or data, resulting from our, and our affiliates’, work including development, creation, manipulation or analysis of data, values, information and/or content contained in the Entry whether alone or in conjunction with other code, work, materials, data or information. 

EcoSim” means EcoSim Kft, with an office at 1094 Budapest, Páva u. 13.

Entry” as defined in clause 1 below.

Hackathon” means the Morgan Stanley “Code to Give” Hackathon taking place September 29 – October 6, 2022.

Morgan Stanley”, “we”, “us” “our” means Morgan Stanley Hungary Analytics Limited, with an office at Millennium Buildings, 8 Lechner Ödön fasor, 1095 Budapest, Hungary.

“Participant(s)” means you, and any other Hackathon participant(s), who meet the Eligibility criteria set out in clause 2 of these Terms and Conditions.   


” means the organisers of the Hackathon, being Morgan Stanley and EcoSim. 

1. Introduction

1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to the “Code to Give” Hackathon to be hosted by and on behalf of Morgan Stanley on September 29 – October 6, 2022. The purpose of the Hackathon is to encourage participants to compete with other participants to develop a winning code-based software solution (“Entry”) intended to meet an identified technological need of a participating NGO selected by Morgan Stanley.

1.2 By participating in the Hackathon, you hereby agree to be bound by, and observe, these Terms and Conditions. 

2. Eligibility

2.1 The Hackathon is open to Participants who at the time of registration are 18 years old, or older.

2.2 The following persons are not eligible to register for the Hackathon:

By registering for the Hackathon, you hereby declare that you do not belong to any of the categories listed in this clause 2.2

2.3 You must be currently enrolled on, or graduated with, a BSc (or higher) studies in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or similar fields and / or maximum 2 years of relevant work experience. 

You must also have an advanced level of English (both written and spoken.)

3. Participation

3.1 You may register for the Hackathon in a team of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of six (6) Participants. Once registered, individual Participants may not be substituted by another new Participant. Only registered teams may participate in the Hackathon and participate in the Pitch Day.

3.2 Participants who want to leave a registered team may only do so with prior written notice to the Organisers.

3.3 A team of Participants may only submit one Entry per Hackathon which shall be uploaded to a website or online portal, online folder, or other online location, as instructed by the Organisers. The Organisers reserve the right to disqualify any Entry for any reason or no reason, and shall not be required to disclose that decision or reason for the decision. 

3.4 The Entry must be the work created (and not copied) by the team of Participants for the purposes of the Hackathon. You Entry must be an original work of the Participants created for the Hackathon. Any Entry which had previously been entered in other competitions or contests may be disqualified by the Organisers.

3.5 To the extent that an Entry includes open source / third party dependencies, Participants should include as part of their submission:

3.6 You will follow all directions and instructions issued by the Organisers, and follow any rules or guidelines that are made available to you, in relation to the Hackathon.

3.7 The team or teams of Participants who, in the opinion of the Organisers, submit the best Entry/Entries, will each receive a prize to be determined by Morgan Stanley. Participants acknowledge that the prize will not be given on the Pitch Day but shall be given within 7 days after the Hackathon has ended.

4. Confidentiality

4.1 You agree to keep any Confidential Information received from Morgan Stanley strictly confidential and to only use such Confidential Information for the purposes of the Hackathon and for the NGO. You must not disclose the Confidential Information to anyone other than your fellow Participants in your team. 

5. Publicity

5.1 By participating in the Hackathon you hereby consent to the use of your name, photograph, voice and/or video recording and likeness for publicity purposes by the Organisers, without additional compensation or permission, except to the extent specifically required by applicable law in Hungary

5.2 You agree that photos, recordings and videos taken at the Hackathon may be published on Morgan Stanley’s and/or the NGO’s internal and external webpages, in print, in broadcasts and/or other media, to publicise the Hackathon. You further agree to the use of your name, photograph, voice and/or video recording and likeness for the purposes of advertising and publicity for the Hackathon and the participating NGO.

5.3 You accept and acknowledge that if the above consent is withdrawn, Morgan Stanley and/or the NGO may not be in a position to remove the photographs, recordings and videos from webpages operated by third parties.

6. IP rights

6.1 You hereby grant Morgan Stanley and its affiliates a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid-up, sublicensable, irrevocable and transferable license that is unlimited in time to: (i) use your Entry in any manner during and after the Hackathon and without further compensation, rights or obligations owed to you, and (ii) create Derived Works.

6.2 You acknowledge and agree that Morgan Stanley and its affiliates may use the Entry/Entries, or any part of the Entry/Entries, to create Derived Works.  Morgan Stanley shall own all rights in and to any Derived Works, and nothing in these terms shall restrict Morgan Stanley and its affiliates’ use of Derived Works during or after the Hackathon.

6.3 For any issues not regulated in the present license agreement, the provisions of Hungarian law, in particular the Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright shall apply.

6.4 If you are part of a team that has won the Hackathon or if you have been informed by the Organisers that you will receive a prize, you must: (i) print a copy of these Terms and Conditions; (ii) sign the copy; (iii) email a scanned copy of the Terms and Conditions to it-events@morganstanley.com and (iv) mail one signed hard copy to 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 8. as soon as possible, and in any event no later than 5 business days from being notified of your winning Entry or that you will receive a prize. Failure to do so may forfeit you receiving your prize. 

7. Data Protection

7.1 Morgan Stanley may receive your personal data, either from EcoSim or directly from you, for the purposes of the Hackathon. Such personal data may include, amongst other things, your first and last name, e-mail address, home address, mobile phone number, details about your work, education and skills, and date of birth and the photographs voice and/or video recordings recorded as per Section 5 above. You acknowledge that Morgan Stanley is the party that determines what personal data is collected and how your personal data is to be used and therefore is an independent controller (as defined in EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”)) in respect of your personal data.

7.2 Morgan Stanley shall observe all data protection legislation (including the GDPR) as applicable to it in processing your personal data. Please see here for details of how we deal with your personal data.

8. Liability

8.1 Except for liability which cannot be excluded under the law of Hungary), in no event shall Morgan Stanley, its parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and related companies, its advertising or promotion agencies, and/or all their respective officers, directors, independent contractors, representatives and agents, be responsible or liable for any loss of any kind, arising out of or in relation to participation in the Hackathon or Hackathon-related activities. 

8.2 Notwithstanding clause 8.1, if Morgan Stanley, its parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and related companies, its advertising or promotion agencies, and/or all their respective officers, directors, independent contractors, representatives and agents are liable for any loss arising out of or in relation to the Hackathon or Hackathon-related activities, such liability shall be limited to €100.

8.3 Without limiting clauses 8.1 and 8.2, everything on, or accessed via, the websites are provided "AS IS” without any representation, undertaking, warranty or assurance of any kind, either express or implied, including any implied terms relating to quality, fitness for a particular purpose, and noninfringement. 

8.4 Morgan Stanley is not responsible for damage to Participants' computer or software development equipment or technology, or to any other person's or entity’s computer or software development equipment or technology, related to or resulting from participating in the Hackathon or downloading materials from or use of any web sites in relation to the Hackathon. 

8.5 Morgan Stanley reserves the right to cancel, modify, suspend or postpone the Hackathon at any time and for any reason without liability to Participants or any other person.  In such event Morgan Stanley may, in its sole discretion, select the winner from entries received prior to the action or as otherwise may be deemed fair and equitable by Morgan Stanley.

8.6 All prizes will be awarded “AS IS” and Morgan Stanley makes no representation, warranty or condition in respect of any prize or part thereof. Morgan Stanley reserves the right to change any prize at its sole discretion. Prizes may be subject to local tax laws and regulations. No transfer or assignment of the prize is permitted, and the cash equivalent of the prize will not be substituted, except at the sole discretion of Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley reserves the right to substitute a prize with another prize of equal, greater or lesser value if the stated prize should become unavailable for any reason. Morgan Stanley shall not be liable to Participants or any other person for failure to supply a prize, or any part thereof, for any reason. 

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction 

9.1 These Terms and Conditions and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with the Terms and Conditions, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Hungarian law.

9.2 The Hungarian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute, whether contractual or non-contractual, arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.